Sep 22nd: Blog & New 18+ Comic

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since we had a blog on the site, and it’s really something we’ve missed doing — so we’ve decided to try bringing it back alongside a couple announcements!

One, we have a new 18+ comic in the store featuring Hebert (full disclosure:not Milo, nor Liam) — we wanted to try something fun and different (with a little garnish of insight into Hebert) and ended up having a lot of fun making it, so we hope you enjoy if you end up checking it out! Here’s the link!

Second (and related), just a heads up that today’s comic (for Friday, Sep 22nd) will go up tomorrow night. We always end up taking much longer to finish the 18+ comics than we anticipate or plan for, and this one’s been a while in the works – so we’re gonna recoup tonight and get back to it first thing in the morning. That’ll be up before the end of the day on Saturday the 23rd, with Monday’s update not affected by the delay.

Thank you for your patience with updates lately, btw! We know they’ve been on the Late Night side these last few weeks— sometimes we struggle with scheduling around some life stuff we have going on lately. In the end we really enjoy updating, so getting the pages up is our number one priority – and we’re really grateful to have you along for the ride with us! We’ll be aiming to get things back on track for early morning updates soon.

That’s all for now! As always, check out our twitter for live updates as we have them.

Much love!