September 22, 2014: NEW Digital Comic Released!

We've put up a new digital comic in the store! Just as a heads up, it takes place in the middle of Chapter 6 in order to make sense when printed with the original 3 comics. You can pick up a PDF copy of the new bonus story here or by checking out the 18+ comics tab in our store. (If you're 18+, of course!) Hope you enjoy! Wink wonk!

Also we've begun to send out Kickstarter packages! We've tackled the tiers that involved the 18+ bonus comics in print and will be moving on to fulfillment of Volume 2 tiers as soon as our shipment comes in. Keep an eye out for a package from us - and also please check your email for surveys! Volume 2 surveys will be going out in the next week or two!

(Just a reminder, only tiers with t-shirts and tiers that did not involve a copy of Volume 2 have received surveys so far. Wanna keep those addresses as recent as possible!)

That is all! I'll have some more news & pics of the Volume 2 proof up on twitter shortly, either tonight or tomorrow,