October 23rd, 2014: Kickstarter Surveys Are Out!

UPDATE: We've sent out 165 packages so far, still pushing through them between updates! :) Please get your surveys in if you haven't already! (Heads up - PDF tiers will not be getting surveys, but they will be getting a copy of the PDF by the end of the week! These will be emailed to the address you provided on your Kickstarter account.)

Volume 2 will be up in our store as soon as the KS has been fulfilled, as well!

There'll be a delay on tiers that ordered a t-shirt while we wait for those to ship to us (ETA on T-shirts: Early November). Let us know through the KS if you didn't get your survey, especially if you're not on a PDF or Original Art tier! (The surveys collect shipping information for folks who ordered stuff to be delivered in the mail!)

That is all!