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We've added a new tier to our Patreon! Starting in December, we'll be sending monthly prints to Patrons on any $20+ tier in the form of seasonal cards! Each month we'll do a brand new print and theme it to a holiday, to the tune of greeting cards, post cards, stickers, decals— whatever strikes our fancy each month. If that sounds fun to you and you like getting things in the mail, please consider checking it out! If you sign up before December (any time today), we'll start you off with a Christmas/Holiday card in a couple weeks!

If you're looking for the 18+ printed comics instead, however, we'll be putting a few copies up in our store for the holidays as well! Our printed copies so far contain the first four bonus stories and are available for a limited time here.

Use the code CYBERMONDAY (all caps no space) in our store any time today (Monday, November 30th) to get a 10% off discount on all store items — which includes both digital and physical items!

And as always, live updates are posted to our twitter. ♥