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Happy New Year! & Start of Chapter 10

We hope your New Year started off fantastic, everyone! We're back home from our holiday hiatus with the start of Chapter Ten! Before our next update we'll be making a few changes to the site, which you may notice in the upcoming days— including a minor tweak to our update schedule. We'll be switching to updates on Mondays and Fridays, and a new top banner will very shortly reflect that change as well.

Forgive us any hiccups while we grind through some work that's built up while we've been away! Preparations to print Book Three will be beginning very shortly, and we'll have updates here about that as well as soon as we have more information for you!

In the meantime, we've added a new tier to our Patreon! This month we'll be sending New Years postcards to Patrons who have donated on any $20+ tier! We send out a brand new print and theme it to a holiday each month for these tiers, to the tune of greeting cards, post cards, stickers, decals— whatever strikes our fancy. If that sounds fun to you and you like getting things in the mail, please consider checking it out! Also, if you sign up before February 1st you'll get a set of Valentines Day cards in the first few weeks of February!

We'll continue to post updates to our twitter as soon as we have them. ♥ That is all!