Heads Up On Hiatus: May 5th to May 17th!

We wanted to give you guys a heads up that we'll be going on hiatus from May 5th to May 17th! That means we'll be missing three updates in the meantime. We'll have a page up on Monday May 4th, and the next one will be posted Monday the 18th. We just wanted to let you know ahead of time to avoid surprises!

In the meantime, we'll be visiting with some family cross-country and taking care of some comic-unrelated business. We'll only be gone a week, but we're going to take the second week to iron a few things out once we return and get these late updates back on track for Monday and Thursday mornings. We're also in the process of sending out the very last of the Kickstarter packages, so that's a load off as well!

The time off will also be spent working on a new 18+ digital comic that is (as you've probably guessed) already in production - so expect that by the end of May as well.

Thanks guys! We'll see you Monday, and as always you're welcome to follow our Twitter for live updates on when pages go up, or for any sketches we may happen to post from the road! You're also welcome to check out the last 18+ extra digital comic if you haven't yet, if you're looking for an over-abundance of new pages. ♥

(There's also some new stuff happening on our Patreon, if you're curious!)

That is all!