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October 5th, 2015

We've decided rather than adjusting our update schedule to MWF, we'll slate bonus pages to go up with Thursday updates. We'll put up a reminder at the top of the page whenever there are two updates on a Thursday rather than one to avoid any confusion, as well! This'll only be for a very limited time - the second half of this chapter is pretty thick, and we'd like to move through some of it at a slightly less sluggish two-times-a-week-ish pace.

As usual, we'll post all updates live to our twitter - which you can now see there on the left of this blog as of earlier today!

Also, the 18+ comics are still on sale; you can see all of the PDFs we currently have up by clicking here! There's also some new stuff happening on our Patreon, if you're curious - with more to come very shortly.