August 8, 2014: Update for "Thursday"

It's officially too late to be an update for Thursday - but here's the sketch we promised in lieu of an update today. We're back on track, however, and settling in to meet KS orders - so we'll see you with a new page on Monday and more news then!

That having been said, the Kickstarter has come to a close, and we're absolutely thrilled and grateful with how it turned out! We can't thank our backers enough for supporting us in our venture to print Volume 2, as well as print some new merch and set up our own little studio! I'll leave a link to the project here in case anyone is looking for the mock-ups and previews of the merch that will be rolling out closer to the end of September. Some of these items will be available in our web store then, but some of them will remain KS exclusives.

Thanks so much for your patience!