September 1, 2014: We Are Still Mostly Alive

We're a few days off having everything ordered for Kickstarter fulfilment! Our last order will be t-shirts, as we'll need to collect sizing information before we can place them. The first of the surveys will be sent out within the next few days - to all tiers that ordered t-shirts.

The fourth 18+ bonus comic will be available shortly as well, within the next few weeks. We've yet to decide whether or not we'll release the PDF before or after the booklet is mailed out, but either way it will definitely be soon. Both volumes PDFs will be coming to our web store shortly as well, but the second will definitely wait until after Kickstarter fulfilment.

That's all the news we got for now! In the meantime we are definitely alive and definitely not skeletal remains! Definitely. Mostly. Pics will be posted on our twitter account soon, we're really excited with how the merch that's come in so far has turned out! Thuper exciting!