October 9th, 2014: Kickstarter Surveys Are Out!

First order of old business: there's a new digital comic in the store! Just as a heads up, it takes place in the middle of Chapter 6 in order to make sense when printed with the original 3 comics. You can pick up a PDF copy of the new bonus story here or by checking out the 18+ comics tab in our store. (If you're 18+, of course!) Hope you enjoy! Wink wonk!

New business: We've received our shipment of Volume 2! Now that the books are in, all Kickstarter surveys (barring original art tiers and PDF tiers) have been sent out! Please get those responses back to us ASAP and we'll tackle getting rewards sent out ASAP as well! Volume 2 will be up in our store as soon as the KS has been fulfilled, and a PDF copy of the book will be going out to backers as soon as the books hit the post box.

There'll be a delay on tiers that ordered a t-shirt while we wait for those to ship to us (ETA on T-shirts: Early November) , but all book tiers will be going out in the next few days, surveys permitting. Let us know through the KS if you didn't get your survey, especially if you're not on a PDF or Original Art tier!

That is all!