Oct 19th: Quick Hiatus & A Few Questions

Suzana and I are on the road for the next few days and unfortunately won’t have an update page up for Friday and Monday— so we’ll take a quick sabbatical, work ahead, and have the next update up on Friday, October 27th!

In the meantime I have a couple quick questions and announcements that I’d love to hear from you guys about!

  1. I took down our About Us page a couple weeks ago with plans to give it a little bit of an overhaul before we left for our trip— but I ended up running up to the wire and didn’t have time to crack it open. I put in a little temporary suggestion box that I think might be fun to take questions on, though! If there’s anything you ever wished we had answered on our about page that wasn’t up there before, definitely feel free to drop us a line and we’ll add whatever sounds fun!
  2. I think I’m planning on overhauling our Links page, too. I haven’t taken it down, but I’d really love if you had any recommendations for comics you guys like that we don’t have up there right now. I’d be thrilled to check them out and add them – and I’d be doubly thrilled to have some reading recommendations for the road for myself! I added a box for this as well.
  3. Lastly, I had been toying with the idea of setting up a Discord channel when I get back to the office. If you guys have thoughts on this let me know in the comments on this most recent page— if there’s not too much interest for it I don’t mind skipping the idea, but if you think it might be fun then I’d be happy to take on a couple willing mods and make it happen. :) Let me know!

That’s all for now— we’ll keep you posted and see you on Friday the 27th with the next page!