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Prologue: Side-Stepping

"Testing the waters" can sometimes result in awkwardly dancing around the point. (Note: These dates below are meant only to keep these pages in order; this prologue was drawn after Chapter 4.)

Chapter 2: Two Steps Back

How to cover lost ground after making a mistake.

Chapter 3: Three Sheets To The Wind

Love drunkenness often leads to instability in new relationships.

Chapter 4: Four Letter Word

Sometimes how well you pull through the rough times is more important than the good.

Chapter 5: Five Senses Reeling

One of the best parts of exploring a new relationship can be entertaining all five senses. (Warning: Contains adult themes.)
Feb 06, 2013[5.01] hello?
Feb 19, 2013[5.02] on break
Apr 30, 2013[5.11] yes sir
Jul 29, 2013[5.23] know how to
Aug 19, 2013[5.29] fair enough
Aug 26, 2013[5.31] hurry back
Aug 29, 2013[5.32] thank you?
Sep 16, 2013[5.37] that's it?
Sep 30, 2013[5.41] fantastic
Oct 10, 2013[5.44] look at you
Nov 04, 2013extra 5.01
Nov 05, 2013extra 5.02
Nov 06, 2013extra 5.03
Nov 07, 2013extra 5.04
Nov 08, 2013extra 5.05
Nov 11, 2013extra 5.06
Nov 12, 2013extra 5.07
Nov 13, 2013extra 5.08
Nov 14, 2013extra 5.09
Nov 15, 2013extra 5.10

Chapter 6: Six And Half A Dozen

It can be frustrating when major decisions don't seem to make much difference on your life, but some things benefit from remaining a constant.
Jan 27, 2014[6.19] m'not upset
Jan 30, 2014[6.20] anyway
Mar 03, 2014[6.29] all set
Mar 10, 2014[6.31] not evading
Mar 13, 2014[6.32] alley oop
Mar 17, 2014[6.33] a waste
Apr 07, 2014[6.37] it's locked
Apr 24, 2014[6.42] yeah. that.
Jun 02, 2014extra 6.01
Jun 04, 2014extra 6.02
Jun 06, 2014extra 6.03
Jun 09, 2014extra 6.04
Jun 11, 2014extra 6.05
Jun 13, 2014extra 6.06

Chapter 7: Seven Days A Week

Daily monotony can wear on you fast. It's good to make time out of your weekly routine to recharge with something or someone you care about.

Chapter 8: Behind The Eight Ball

Sometimes the odds feel stacked against you - like you simply haven't got a shot. Relax and think outside the box; real life isn't so black and white.
Dec 09, 2014[8.07] eat and run
Jan 05, 2015[8.12] moving on
Jan 12, 2015[8.14] which way
Feb 06, 2015[8.20] mum's rules
Feb 10, 2015[8.21] heh, liar
Feb 19, 2015[8.24] how to play
Mar 26, 2015[8.33] buzz her in
Apr 02, 2015[8.34] the day off
Jun 08, 2015[8.49] good cat
Jun 20, 2015extra 8.01

Chapter 9: Cloud Nine

Even the most perfectly planned holiday can go awry when you bring the wrong kind of baggage along.
Jun 22, 2015[9.01] how much?
Jul 07, 2015[9.05] the redhead
Jul 24, 2015[9.10] this is it?
Sep 21, 2015[9.27] whose phone

Chapter 10: At Ten Paces

A dreaded conversation put off too long is almost guaranteed to be a duel— or at least it will be, if one approaches it that way.

Chapter 11: First Rate

"First rate" can be hard to achieve— from developing first rate acting skills, to finding a first rate apartment. Sometimes you have to make do with what you have.
Jun 14, 2016[11.05] busy day
Jul 23, 2016[11.16] I'm fine
Oct 24, 2016extra 11.01
Oct 29, 2016extra 11.02
Nov 01, 2016extra 11.03
Nov 04, 2016extra 11.04

Chapter 12: Second Hand

It's always nice when family helps out by donating second hand items to your new flat— but not so much when it seems to come with second hand baggage.

Chapter 13: Third Wheel

Sometimes it gets to be a compulsion, trying to help to someone. Sometimes you realise that your help is a little superfluous.

Chapter 14: Fourth Plate

It can sneak up on you how much a situation you hoped might be going a little more smoothly can still feel very much like home.

Chapter 15: Fifth Quarter

You can put a lot of thought and effort into the main event, but sometimes the after-party is what surprises you.
Dec 12, 2017[15.03] be nice
Jan 23, 2018[15.12] He-Hebert
Jan 30, 2018[15.14] you're big
May 26, 2018extra 15.01
May 29, 2018extra 15.02