What goes on here? What is this site?

Welcome to the comic! This is Tripping Over You, an ongoing story about a same-sex relationship. We aim to keep things light-on-drama heavy-on-not-taking-ourselves-seriously while still addressing real issues and problems that crop up in day to day life. See the cast page for more info on who’s who character-wise.

When do you update?

Mondays and Thursdays – usually closer to morning, though sometimes later in the day if necessary. We tweet when our updates go live.

Are the artists gay?

Yep! We are a married lesbian couple.

Why did you decide to write this story? Why two guys?

We began writing this story together back in 2008, shortly before we began dating. It was a fun way to spend time together and to explore our feelings for each other, by writing and drawing and developing characters together. When we began dating, we expanded the story to include common reactions we received to our relationship, added more characters, etc. Over time we grew to really love Milo and Liam and the universe we’d fleshed out around them – and when we decided we wanted to create a comic together, these were the characters we chose!

Who is we?

Suzana and Owen. Hello!

We’re both 29 and currently living in Arizona. We’ve been writing and drawing together/for each other since long before we started dating, and it remains one of our favorite ways to spend time together; making comics together scratches that itch very nicely!

Which of you does what?

Suzana illustrates the comic, and Owen writes it – though we each do a little of the other from time to time to help balance the workload. Suzana contributes ideas and story points for scripting, and Owen does flat colors and brief intermission comics between chapters.

Do you do any other comics?

Not yet! We have a second ongoing project in the works, and we’ll announce it when we launch it. As of now, however, TOY is our first and only comic.

Do any of the relationships in TOY reflect your personal relationships?

Sure! We definitely take from real life, as it’s really tough to leave yourself completely at the door when writing. Even still, none of the relationships translate directly from any of ours – only bits and pieces here and there exaggerated for comic effect.

What media/program do you use to draw the comic?

Paint Tool SAI, with a little help from Photoshop here and there. ToY is entirely digitally made – including the sketch, borders, and word bubbles – and is all done manually in SAI. The font is a home-made combination of both of our handwriting using a font making program.

When and where does the story take place?

The story starts in 2008 (which makes the current year for the most recent strips 2009) because that’s when we began writing it. It doesn’t really take place anywhere in real life, only because we’re not looking to make a political or cultural statement with it. We’ve jokingly referred to it as Maybengland, though – mostly because an English boarding school was the vague setting we wanted to start the main characters’ relationship with. (Most boarding schools in our area have religious connotations we wanted to avoid.)

Will the story ever get a rating over PG13/show sex?

ToY addresses sexual themes as the characters attempt to sort out how it affects their relationship. While we will cover these adult themes as honestly and realistically as we can, we’re not going to depict graphic sex on the main site. We do have extra comics that are for sale that are more explicit and explore that aspect of characters’ relationships, but we’ll always be clear in labelling it for anyone who’s not interested in seeing graphic sex.

I saw the characters have their own tumblrs! Can I send asks?

They do, and absolutely! Their blogs typically will contain in character blurbs and extra doodles – but they’ll also answer any questions that don’t reveal spoilers for future chapters, and they’re not above offering tidbits about their backstories. If they don’t answer your ask, it’s safe to assume the answer will come up eventually in the course of the comic.

Are they liveblogging? Are the blogs canon?

While all their responses are in character for where we’re currently at in the comic, they’re not live – only because the comic moves a lot slower than a day-to-day blog ever could. So while they very well could be canon and all their backstory related answers are canon to their character, they’re not necessarily canon. It’s a tricky thing to line up with the comic, sometimes – but in the end, the blogs are more for entertainment than anything serious.