Nov 7th: Thank You For Your Feedback!

Thank you everyone who sent me suggestions for the Links and About pages! I’ve finished them up as of today’s update (with a couple of things to edit here and there eventually). Thank you especially to anyone who sent us comics to read; I absolutely loved the chance to read more comics, especially on the road!

I’ll leave the suggestion box for comics up permanently, too, just because I always love new suggestions! I’ll update it every once in a while as we get a chance to read more.

Moving forward— I’ll be setting up a Discord server in the next couple days (thank you for your feedback on that as well)! Look for the icon on the sidebar to the right of the comments section; I’ll tuck it in there with the links to our social media accounts. I’ll also be tackling the fanart page this week, which I’ve let rust for far far too long and I am extremely remiss about. Life just happens so much, you know?

Now that we’re set up in the office again we’re catching up on some work we’ve desperately wanted to crack open— hopefully next time I update this space I’ll have a pretty fun collection of announcements about that. Fingers crossed that it’s very shortly! ♥